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The goal is to...

improve experiences by becoming a better decision maker.


The first thing we have you do is define your values. The values you hold define whom you are and your decisions should be inline with your values to optimize the benefit produced from your decisions. Increasing the benefit will improve your experiences.


The second thing we have you do is look at your habits and how your time is invested. This will tell you where you're winning and losing with your time. The most valuable thing you have is your time and your habits should be inline with your values.


Then we have you discuss the triggers that lead to your habits. Address the triggers that produce habits you want to end. Use good habits as triggers for habits you want to add.

plan/manage smart goals

To track and manage your progress you need to plan for success with SMART goals.

Now you can start financial literacy

After you complete these four steps we may begin to discuss financial literacy. You must be a good decision maker to benefit from financial literacy. The hardest part is saying no to yourself. I'd like to help you help yourself.

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